ANDYs work focuses mainly at the grassroot levels where we operate to reach and raise the voices of the often unheard at the national and international levels.

We believe and strongly uphold the fact that disability rights are human rights, there cannot be development in any country if persons with disabilities are still placed on the periphery of the mainstream development processes.

ANDY is dedicated to achieving equality, inclusion and empowerment of youth with disability in Kenya.  ANDY seeks to mainstream this group into all aspects of daily life – unfortunately yet far from common in Kenyan society.

ANDY is a unique initiative that provides an inspiring environment for people with different types of disabilities – and people without disabilities – to work together.

ANDY has no religious or political affiliations and operates on the principles of neutrality, unity, impartiality and inclusivity.

Being a user-led organization, we have developed competency over a period of time through our rights based approaches to development work and the use of the United Nations Convention on the rights of persons with disabilities as a guiding framework.

ANDY works in partnership with both local and international organizations that advocate for the rights of persons with disabilities.