A RACE TO GREEN ENERGY, by Jonathan Mbugua Njoroge


“A Race to Green Energy” is a radio documentary, about the use of alternative renewable energies for domestic use. The radio doc compares the effects of using traditional unsustainable energies (Firewood, Paraffin, & Charcoal) to the effect of using Green Energies (Solar, Wind, Biomass, & Biogas). The documentary seeks to influence a domestic change from the use of traditional energy to green energy given their health, economic and environmental impacts. With a few preselected household, the story of a race to green energy has been told from an individual household experience perspective.

The story has been done in a series, where it focused on biogas, biomass, and solar energy Verses the traditional firewood, charcoal and paraffin. The first complete episode is a 9 minutes radio documentary on biomass energy featuring Mr. Rueben, from Nakuru-Kenya who tells of the amazing benefits of shifting to Biogas energy, from firewood and charcoal. The second and third episodes are underway.


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